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Slotting Associate - 1st Shift

Jonesville, SC, United States

Job Id#:18247

Date published: 6-Oct-2017

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Position Summary:

The primary objective of a Slotting Associate is to work to maximize production efficiency through effective item placement, warehouse analysis, and maintaining system related logic that affects production work.

Essential Functions/Responsibilities:

o    Contribute and support the overall goals of the Slotting Department

o    Placement of new items in the warehouse

o    Performs routine daily maintenance moves as suggested by production works, as well as those discovered through observation or analysis.

o    Create range group slotting maintenance layouts using best applied / available business rules.

o    Ensure that all active items have a forward pick location assignment or dynamic location assignment

o    Use item forecast information to assist shipping and receiving departments

o    Balance efficiencies between shipping and receiving departments

o    Create layout/environment that minimizes damage and shrink

o    Manage open location percentage

o    Maintain Optimization Module System Data integrity

o    Maintain slotting related system logic and suggest modifications as necessary

o    Monitor and manage exception reports

o    Maintain Slot master information

o    Perform location audits

o    Conduct Haves/Needs Analysis

o    Maintain facility rack type layout and physically reconfigure rack types

o    Consistently maintain all location labels

o    Manage and communicate physical location repair issues

o    Maintain Item Master information

o    Serve as liaison between Warehouse and Cubiscan to assist with dimensional and weight issues, as well as description related issues

o    Assist management in quality related research

o    Empty Percentage by Area reporting

o    Slot Priority Pick Ratio

o    Operate material handling equipment

o    Manage Age SKU Relocation

o    Manage SKU Consolidation Reports


Minimum Education & Experience:

o    High school diploma or GED equivalent

o    Minimum of two (2) years of relate experience.


o    Capability of prioritizing and handling multiple projects simultaneously, and under tight time constraints

o    Ability to operate standard PCs, business software (Microsoft Word, Excel, Access, etc.) and other business related equipment.

o    Ability to work with mathematical concepts

o    Take initiative and work well independently

o    Ability to define problems, collect data, establish facts and draw valid conclusion

o    Ability to operate photographic and video equipment.


o    Ability to travel

o    Ability to perform lifting up to 50 lbs.

o    Ability to work unsupervised

o    Ability to climb ladders, scaffolds, and work at heights